Attention bakery owners!

Are you tired of abandoning your expansion plans for your bakery due to insufficient power supply?

Look no further than Sveba-Dahlen’s AC Guard. Our revolutionary power-distribution device enables you to connect a 4-deck oven to a 3-deck circuit breaker, eliminating the risk of blowing any fuses.

The AC Guard is an intelligent solution that efficiently distributes power to the decks that require it the most. With this innovative feature, you can confidently provide ample power to your bakery without any worries. All Sveba-Dahlen deck ovens with multiple decks come equipped with this cutting-edge technology.

Don’t let a lack of power hinder your bakery’s growth potential. Contact BAKEWISE at 02 800 461 05 to learn more about how Sveba-Dahlen’s AC Guard can empower your bakery’s expansion plans.

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