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About us


We’re Bakewise

We have experience in Mechanical engineering, manufacturing and installation service and repair of bakery ovens and equipment.

We have operated in the arena of international sales and project management. We have also people who have owned the own bakeries and have extensive baking experience having developed baked products and processes in bakeries.

Bakewise is now offering Australian customers our services We promise honesty, integrity, and transparency in our supply process. We will give you credible advice on your unique needs.

What Makes Us, Us?

Our range of products and brands we represent are selected carefully to ensure our customers get the best value for money.
Our products are durable, reliable and represent good value and are backed by our ability to supply parts and service to our customers.

Bakewise see a need in the industry for a supplier of equipment that:
–  Ensures reliability of supply and service
–  Possesses experience and a knowledge of what is available
–  Provides transparency in their advice and conduct and guarantee satisfaction

All in all – BAKEWISE will be a “one-stop” company where the customers will be able to purchase all equipment for their bakery/pastry production – spare parts, Bakeware and After Sales Service included.