Bakewise proudly announces its new status as the Australian authorized importer and distributor for Waterjet Corporation S.r.l.

With this latest addition, Bakewise now boasts a very comprehensive range of cutting equipment, starting from traditional manual slicers, progressing through programmable ultrasonic cutting machines, and culminating in fully automatic industrial conveyor-based lines.

Waterjet’s advanced cutting technology complements and completes this lineup, promising to elevate the Australian food sector to new heights. Founded in 1991 in Monza, Italy, Waterjet Corporation stands as a global leader in waterjet cutting technology. Their impressive reach spans over 60 countries with more than 1,500 systems installed worldwide.

in 2016 when they secured the BTOB award for “Internationalisation” amongst Lombardy’s top manufacturing companies.

By adding Waterjet to our portfolio, we’re not just expanding our product range; we’re solidifying our commitment to offer a advanced seamless and complete cutting solution to our customers.

With the machines from Waterjet the customers can now cut almost everything with exactly the shape they want – including curves, figures and forms.

We are set on becoming Australia’s leading supplier of cutting solutions within the bakery and food industry

With the synergy of Waterjet’s technology and Bakewise’s diverse equipment range, the Australian bakery and food processing industry is primed for innovation and efficiency like never before.

Located in Sydney, Bakewise stands as a prime choice for bakery equipment among businesses across Australia. Backed by a robust national network, the Bakewise name is synonymous with top-tier service, brands and products

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