Dear Valued Customers and Partners,

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking addition to our product lineup at Bakewise. As a leader in providing top-tier bakery solutions in Australia, we have now partnered with Giotec, a renowned Italian manufacturer with a rich heritage in pioneering bakery equipment.

Experience Unmatched Quality and Precision

Giotec, established in 1999 by the visionary Enzo Girardello, blends over three decades of technical expertise with artistic craftsmanship, inspired by none other than Leonardo da Vinci. This partnership allows us to bring Giotec’s esteemed collection of bakery machinery right to your doorstep. Known for their revolutionary twin arm kneading machines and versatile moulders, Giotec’s products represent the pinnacle of bakery innovation.

Designed to Perform, Built to Last

Giotec machines are celebrated for their robust construction and exceptional reliability. Each piece of equipment, from their precision moulders to their dynamic kneaders, is designed with the professional baker in mind, ensuring every dough batch is perfect. These machines are a testament to Giotec’s commitment to excellence and longevity, making them an invaluable asset for any bakery.

Exclusive First Look

Stay tuned as we unveil the powerful GIO Twin Arm Mixer and the precision GIO 4C Moulder. These machines will be showcased in upcoming demonstrations across Australia. We invite you to witness firsthand the impeccable craftsmanship and performance that Giotec brings to the baking industry.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

Embrace the future of baking with Bakewise and Giotec. We are committed to enhancing your baking artistry with equipment that meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Prepare to elevate your bakery’s capabilities and delight your customers like never before!

Let’s Bake a Brighter Future Together!

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